Power Wedge Actuator (5-Pole)

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Lenco 5-pole/5 lobe Power Wedge actuator that spans all models that used the Lenco actuators as the 3-pole models are no longer available.

Sold individually though often both need to be replaced -- when one malfunctions it can damage the other from the extra stress put on it. In that case, two will need to be ordered.

Typically speaking, Malibu used the 3-pole actuators on 2006-2011 models, the 5-pole actuators on 2012-2014 models, and the completely redesigned hydraulic actuators on 2015+ models.

While some have had success replacing 3-pole actuators with 5-pole actuators, Malibu recommends upgrading your power wedge control box as well if switching over from a 3-pole to 5-pole system. depending on your year and computer system will depend on what control box to order. ex. mux/mmdc/viper-reach out to us with your hull id number and we can tell you which one