T23 Cover - Used/Repaired

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Condition: Used/Repaired
Rating: 3/5
Cover only (poles not included)

This is a used cover. It may be slightly dirty and show a few signs of wear but is otherwise in good condition. It will have had a tear that was professionally mended by a canvas repair company and will still work great for years to come!

About our used cover program:
As we’re always looking to provide the best value to our customers we have developed an open box and used cover program since we often come across such covers. Our system is simple. We assign a condition to each cover out of the following options: Open Box/New, Used, and Used/Repaired. Then we assign a condition rating on a scale of 1-5, with 5 being like new and 1 being moderately used but still good enough that we feel it has a few years left of life. Finally, we list whether or not the cover comes with the anti-pooling poles or if it’s just the cover. As always, feel free to reach out with any questions!

All used/open box cover sales are final. Please double check with us on any questions before ordering as we cannot accept returns on them.

Images may not accurately represent the exact cover and are intended to generally represent the product. As long as the title matches your model/tower then it is the correct cover for your boat!

Fits the following years and models:
2019 Axis T23