5 Styles of Board Racks for your Malibu or Axis Boat!

5 Styles of Board Racks for your Malibu or Axis Boat!

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Board racks are a must to keep your boat organized and your boards protected. If you are like most people, you have found that you have acquired more boards than you know what to do with. Fortunately for you, you own a Malibu or Axis!¬†If you don't, you really should ūüėČ. Malibu and Axis provide the highest potential for board storage than any other boat. On every Malibu/Axis you have the potential of installing up to 4 tower mounted board racks,¬†and 2 additional board slots on the bimini. In addition to that, on a Malibu, you can also add up to 2 overhead racks. This can equal up to 12 boards stored on the tower out of the way and easy to access. No more tripping over boards or asking people to get out of the way to access boards stored under seats.¬†

Now the question is, what racks are right for you. Let's go over the top 5 styles compatible with Malibu and Axis towers.

1. OEM Malibu/Axis Spinner Bungee Rack

The most popular out of all of the Malibu/Axis racks out there. This rack features a combo set of forks which allow wakeboards and skim style surf boards to be stored in the bottom forks and thicker surf style boards to be stored in the upper racks. The bungee system allows for a secure hold which adjusts to any combo of boards being stored in the rack. It provides a hold that will not let your boards fall out while under way. 

The spinning feature on this rack is what has made it so popular. To access your boards, simply pull on the lock pin and swivel the rack toward the inside of your boat. No more reaching over the side of the boat taking the risk of you or your board falling overboard when removing a board. 

These racks have options to fit every Axis Tower, Malibu G3, G4 and G5 towers. They are side specific so make sure to get the right side when ordering

2. OEM Axis Fixed Rack

This is rack is the most economical of all the racks. They are affordable without sacrificing functionality and appearance. The forks are coated to ensure your boards are protect from getting scratched while resting in the slot. They also utilize a bungee to provide a secure hold over your boards so they cannot fall out when you don't want them to. 

They also are a combo fork so that wakeboards and skim style surf boards can be stored in the bottom forks and thicker surf style boards can be stored in the upper racks.

This style of rack is compatible with all Axis Towers. 


3. OEM Malibu/Axis Clamping Racks

These racks are the king of the OEM rack options. They are the most convenient to use and the most stylish. The clamping option takes away the need to use a bungee to secure your boards. The clamps work independent of each other. This means when two boards of different widths are stored in the rack, you will get a perfect hold on each board every time. 

Both the bottom and top slots feature a wide opening allowing you to store almost any board on the market. This makes the clamping rack the most versatile of the OEM rack line up. 

The clamping racks are available for all Axis towers, Malibu G3, G4, G5 and G10 towers. They are side specific so make sure to get the right side when ordering

4. Skylon Skylock Rack

This is the best aftermarket rack hands down. Some of the best features of these racks include custom molded rubber inserts with 3 points of contact which will securely hold your board without causing any pressure dings or rail damage. They swivel in and out. They have life jacket hangers to dry your wet life jackets. The clamping mechanism is among the easiest to use on the market. With just a push of a button, you can slide the arm in and out to secure your boards or take them out. In addition, these racks also allow you to lock your boards inside the rack. That way you don't have to worry about them while your boat is at the dock. 

They come as a complete rack with mounting arm, or they come as fork replacements for your current swivel bungee rack. 

5. HyperRyd Overhead XR-1 Racks

HyperRyd Overhead board racks the the perfect choice if you have already maxed out the storage on your tower or if you have a higher end board that needs to be stored out of the sun. They seamlessly attach to the cross bar of the tower, underneath the bimini. This keeps your boards out of the sun and easy to get to. The boards mount in a way that still gives you plenty of head room. The rack is padded to keep your board safe from dings and scratches. The straps are also padded and will not give your board any sort of pressure ding/damage. 

They come in white or black and are compatible with all Malibu G3, G5 and GX towers. 

Don't deal with tripping over boards or having a disorganized boat any more! Get your next board rack today! Check out our incredible selection of racks on Malibuparts.com 

We love chatting about the best options for your and your boat. If you have any questions, please reach out to us via chat, email or phone!


See you on the water!