Surf Gate Actuator

Surf Gate Actuator

Happy Tuesday to fans! We just received a new shipment of Surf Gate actuators. Malibu has always been on the cutting edge of watersport tow boat innovations, having invented the very first surf specific technology with the Surf Gate that debuted in 2013.

The Surf Gates extend the hull of the boat on one side to change the convergence point of the wakes, giving a clean and curled wave that's perfect for surfing! Malibu originally used an electronic "screw" type actuator to power these Surf Gates, which come in two speeds, orange and white. The 1st generation white actuators deploy at a speed of .65" p/second and the 2nd generation orange actuators deploy at a speed of 1.65" p/second -- as riders started doing wake transfer tricks, Malibu saw the need to increase the deployment speed.

2013 Malibu models and 2014 Axis models use the white actuators whereas 2014+ Malibu models and 2015+ Axis models use the orange actuators. The color relates to a small sticker that was put on the cables to denote the version since their physical dimensions are the same. Please note, these are not interchangeable -- you must use whichever actuator was originally installed on your boat.

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