The Right Screen for Your Malibu Boat

The Right Screen for Your Malibu Boat

Over the years Malibu Boats and Axis have always led by innovation and have proven to deliver performance through an easy to use-user-experience. 

One of the major ways they have created such a great experience for both rider and driver is through the various touch screens, information centers, displays and command center options throughout the years. 

Today we are excited to dive deep into the history of these innovations and make sure you can easily find the right replacement screen, info center, or touch screens that you might need for your Malibu.

First up is the 6-1/2" screen that was used on Malibu Boats from 2011-2014 and up to 2016 on the Response and VTX.. These screens are located to the right of the steering wheel on applicable models.  This screen would control things like your heaters, interior and exterior lighting, stereo controls, bilge, blower, horn and keycode to start your engine. Also included on this screen would include wedge diagnostics, and when applicable surf gate diagnostics.  If this screen has gone bad on your boat, no need to fret, we have them in stock and can answer any question you may have. 

Next up is the 10-button MaliView screen. This was the main center screen used on Malibu models from 2009-2014. This screen would allow users to monitor depth, control cruise control speeds, manage pre-sets, monitor wedge position, monitor fuel, tachometer and mph etc. 

Next is the 12" Maliview Touch screen which came out in 2015 as part of the Malibu Command Center. This screen would allow you to fill and drain ballast, turn cruise control off and on, it also included a digital display of MPH, RPMS, depth, fuel, wedge position, manage pre-sets and your keycode.

There are several versions of this screen. The best way to verify the correct one is to go to our website and use the year/make/model filter. You can also check the part number on the Label located on the back of the screen to verify the right part number for the correct replacement.

Finally, we have the Malibu Info Screen that was introduced in 2006 and used all the way up to 2016 as an option in the Response. There are two options for this screen. The first option comes with the ballast indicator and the second option comes w/o so make sure to check which one you need.

We are excited to help you get the right screens/displays to help you maximize your fun on the water. 

For more information and visual representations of these screens, info centers and touch screens check out the video below: