Upgrade your Surf Storage with the HyperRyd XR-1 Surf Racks

Upgrade your Surf Storage with the HyperRyd XR-1 Surf Racks

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 As the popularity of wake surfing has exploded we find ourselves with a large arsenal of surfboards and skim boards of all shapes and sizes. It's not uncommon to see a 23 LSV or a M220 drive by with 8 surf boards on board. Sometimes we even see boats with surf boards in the racks, on top of the bimini and even sitting down in the interior of the boat or even the bow. 

Overhead Surf Rack by HyperRyd Design

This is why we love the overhead surf racks by HyperRyd Designs. The XR-1 surf racks provide easy to access storage and best of all provide a way to get your custom surf boards out of the sun and under the bimini. 

We love that these new racks fit the G3, G5 and GX Towers! 

Click here to see the HyperRyd Surf Racks: https://www.malibuparts.com/search?sort_by=relevance&q=hyperryde

HyperRyd Surf Rack for Malibu Boats


Those long hot summer days can do a number on surf boards and we love the easy access to store surf boards underneath the bimini top. 

A few of our favorite things about these surf racks are as follows: 

  • Two straps with quick releasing functionality
  • Foam Padding around base of rack
  • Adjustable mounting brackets so you can customize how it sits on tower
  • Easy Installation. The XR-1 only requires two bolts to mount the overhead rack to the surf to the tower
  • The nylon straps that strap your board and hold it securely are completely padded, protecting your surf board from any damage. They also hold the board securely in rough water
  • Fits on 2010 - current models
2 surfboards in surf rack on malibu 23 lsv

If you are needing to upgrade your surf racks check out out site, give us a call and we would love to help you!