15W-40 Conventional Qt.-Indmar

15W-40 Conventional Qt.-Indmar

15W-40 Conventional Qt.-Indmar

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15W40 MARINE ENGINE OIL 1 Quart Recommended for all 5.7/8.1 and 6.0L Indmar Marine Engines Indmar 15W-40 high-performance marine engine oil is a premium quality heavy-duty multi-grade oil for all-season use in diesel-powered or a mix of gasoline and diesel-powered equipment.

Indmar 15W-40 is leading the way in meeting the enhanced oil requirements of API CJ-4 and leading OEM specifications by formulating with Group II base oils and the latest chemistry available.

• Protects against excessive wear and corrosion

• Controls soot deposits and oil thickening

• Preserve power, fuel economy, and emission control

• Speed cold starts

• Longer maintenance intervals


Genuine Indmar service products are crafted with the same world-class standards and developed through the same performance and durability testing as your Indmar Marine Engine. Protect and optimize the performance of your Indmar with service products that were engineered specifically for it. Unlike some oils and chemicals that are based on automotive products, genuine Indmar oils, filters, lubricants, and vital fluids are inboard-specific products designed to meet the unique needs of towboats and watersports enthusiasts. They were established to meet the higher demands of inboard marine engines. Compared to cars, tow sport specific inboard marine engines produce more low-end torque per displacement at lower rpm and have different cooling systems than that of an automobile. Everything that Indmar offers from propylene glycol antifreeze, transmission fluid, synthetic oil, blended oils, filters, fuel treatment, and other vital fluids is formulated to be the very best inboard marine engine products you can buy.

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