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Floating Wedge Transom Bracket
Floating Wedge Transom Bracket
Floating Wedge Transom Bracket
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Floating Wedge Transom Bracket

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Stainless bracket for the manual floating wedge that is fastened to the transom of the boat. The wedge foil is then bolted onto this bracket. Malibu no longer manufactures the locking wedge as the floating wedge is a superior design both in terms of functionality and durability.

Can be used as either a replacement for an existing floating wedge that has broken, for those who want to upgrade their older style lock-down wedge to the floating wedge, or for those with a Malibu who never had one to begin with.

For the bolt holes, the vertical spacing between them is 5-1/4" and the horizontal spacing between them is 7".

If you're purchasing the floating wedge for a boat that originally had a locking wedge, this bracket is required -- the floating wedge will not fit on the locking wedge bracket.

Please note, this does not include the through bolts to bolt it to the transom.