Twisted Loop Drying Towel

Twisted Loop Drying Towel

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This Drying Towel uses a Twisted-Loop Microfiber Weave which on average is 4-6x the length of the normal microfiber strand. This creates a larger surface area, thus making the towel able to hold a larger amount of water than an average microfiber towel.

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Ultra-Absorbent Premium Microfiber

Made from High-Grade Korean Split Microfiber. It's woven with Twisted Loop Technology, which increases the surface area of the towel, making it more absorbent than any normal microfiber towel.

Guaranteed streak-free finish

It can absorb up to 1 gallon of water, which allows you to easily dry 2-3 vehicles at one time

Rapid Drying Time

This leaves behind a streak-free finish after drying, saving you time, and the headache of drying the vehicle multiple times over.

Safe on all surfaces

Drying Towel is made out of an ultra-soft twisted-loop microfiber weave that is safe to use on all paint types, wraps, & paint protection films.

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