Introducing Surfinity Boat Shields

Introducing Surfinity Boat Shields

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You might be one of those boaters that loves to plan an epic summer vacation to a lake several hours away or even a state or two away. These trips usually involve pulling your boat on some pretty rough roads or through several construction zones. 

The team at Malibuparts knows all too well that sometimes on these epic voyages you can find some unpleasant road conditions or even weather while making these long tows. 

 It's not the best when you are pulling your Malibu or Axis down the road and road debris land on your boat or even causes damage the gel coat. 

This is why we are so pleased to provide Surfinity boat shields. 

These will protect your Malibu boat from rock chips and front damage while hauling your boat to and from the lake. Custom made to fit each model in true Surfinity style, all material are ultra high grade. 3mm shock absorbing neoprene with a waterproof nylon shell, military grade hardware and a #10 marine grade YKK zipper.

Available models: 22 LSV, 23 LSV, 25 LSV, M220, M240, 23 MXZ, 24 MXZ, 21 LX, 20 VTX