START SEARCH built to serve the Malibu & Axis Do It Yourself Crew

on January 29, 2021

Usually in the dead of winter we find ourselves day dreaming of sunny summer days on the lake. In reality, with all of our busy schedules the summer will come faster than we realize. Soon the days will get longer, spring will come and we will find ourselves itching to get on the lake with our friends.  Here is the good news.... The team at has been working hard to help you get ready for your best year of boating. 

During the craziness of 2020 and the early part of 2021 the team has been making improvements to our parts offerings, our customer service, the website and we even upgraded our warehouse to provide faster part picking and shipping. Our supply chain team has been doing a lot of research finding out what you our favorite customers need and we have some very exciting part updates that will soon be announced!

As a team we really believe that boating in 2021 will be a priority for many people, just like it was in 2020. We highly recommend that you start thinking now about what you need to do to get your boat ready for the year. 

As you make your list of to dos for your Malibu or Axis search our site, call our team and let's get you what you need. Our customer service representatives are ready and standing by to help get your boat exactly how you want it. 

Stay tuned... Lot's of exciting updates are right around the corner. Team.