Malibu Boat Covers & Axis Boat Covers

Malibu Boat Covers & Axis Boat Covers

Today at we released a new video that dives into boat covers for Malibu & Axis boats. After viewing this video your cover will take on a whole new meaning!

These are the best covers to protect your beautiful boat for trailering to your next dream lake or for storage.

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With the Patented Vacu-Hold Strapless trailering system, you no longer have to worry about your cover flapping around like the old blue tarp your dad used to use. Designed with a specific model fit these covers give your boat a snug and neat fit all the way around.

Because some really smart engineers built these covers they will provide the longest lasting water repellency available.

These commercial sewing covers are super light weight, making it easy for single person installation, and great for storage.

They are also equipped with the Anti-Pooling System. This system either includes carpet friendly poles or the tower strap, depending on the year and model of the boat. Either way, both systems are designed to keep the cover propped up in case it rains or snows, 

The stainless steel ratcheting system helps with tightening the cover securely around the boat.

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