Manual Wedge Foil - Stainless

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A must have for all wakeboarders and surfers, Malibu's patented manual floating wedge auto-sets itself according to the speed of the boat. This means it will always achieve the maximum displacement of about 1,000 lbs!

Its design is superior to the manual locking wedge in both functionality and durability as it's made out of welded stainless steel (the arms on the older ones were bolted to the foil). Say goodbye to bent and broken wedge arms!

Can be used to upgrade the older style manual wedge or as a new installation on most Malibu's that had no wedge at all. In either scenario it will require a new transom bracket -- this foil is NOT compatible with 1st generation brackets. You may also need a base plate if you don't have one. Those parts can be found here:

This wedge foil is patented by Malibu Boats for use exclusively on Malibu and Axis boats.