Starter, High Mount, PG260

Starter, High Mount, PG260

Starter, High Mount, PG260

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Malibu & AXIS High Mount Starter. 

A high mount starter, also known as a high-mounted starter motor, is a type of starter motor placement in engine.s In a high mount starter configuration, the starter motor is positioned above the flywheel or flexplate, usually at the top of the engine block or close to the cylinder head. This placement contrasts with the traditional arrangement where the starter motor is mounted at the bottom of the engine, engaging with the flywheel or flexplate from below.

The high mount starter design offers several advantages:

  1. Space Saving: By positioning the starter motor higher in the engine bay, it frees up space in the lower part of the engine compartment, allowing for better packaging and potentially facilitating other components' installation or maintenance.

  2. Reduced Heat Exposure: Placing the starter motor higher can reduce its exposure to heat generated by the exhaust system or other hot engine components. This can help prolong the starter motor's lifespan and improve its reliability.

  3. Improved Access: Depending on the specific design, a high mount starter may offer easier access for maintenance or replacement compared to a traditional low mount starter, especially in tight engine compartments.

  4. Reduced Risk of Damage: By positioning the starter motor away from the lower part of the engine, it may be less susceptible to damage from road debris, water, or other contaminants.

High mount starters are commonly found in various types of vehicles, including some trucks, buses, and heavy-duty equipment, where space constraints or environmental factors make this configuration advantageous. However, they are not as common in everyday passenger vehicles, where the traditional low mount starter arrangement remains prevalent.

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