Creating the most successful boating season

Creating the most successful boating season

Boating with friends and family is one of the best ways to bond a family and create memories. Every year as summer approaches the excitement and anticipation builds to be on the lake. But this year it's different. With all of the craziness of the past year this upcoming boating season seems extra special. It really is time to create the best memories on the water. It's time to have fun!

When it comes to getting your boat ready for the summer most people wait until the last minute to get the boat ready for the summer. There is definitely a better way to prepare for the season. With this in mind and the summer fast approaching it's important to have a checklist of things you need to do now to have a smooth boating experience. 

Here are a few things to do to help create a great kickoff to your summer:

  1. De-winterize the boat. This may require putting engine drain plugs back in, depending on how it was winterized.
  2. Make sure your batteries are charged up. Grab your trickle charger and get your batteries charged up to the right voltage, which is typically around 13-14 volts.
  3. Check for loose bolts and give them a good tighten. The most common areas to check are rack and tower mounts.
  4. Get your boat registered. No one wants to get a ticket on the first day of boating.
  5. Make sure your motor and transmission oil levels are good and that you have replaced your oils according to the owner's manual.
  6. If you have any outstanding warranty work you'll want to keep on eye on that so you don't miss your warranty window.
  7. Make sure your Malibu or Axis is outfitted with the parts and accessories you need -- popular items we get a lot of calls on are: covers, board racks, blowers, bilge pumps, spare impellers, and spare ballast cartridges.

We hope this list helps you get ready for your awesome summer of boating. Our team is ready to help you get outfitted for the summer and are ready to answer any questions you may have. Let's all enjoy boating like never before!