Quiet Surfing - Malibu & Axis Surf Pipe

Quiet Surfing - Malibu & Axis Surf Pipe

You have all noticed the innovation from Malibu and Axis. It's been bold and relentless. This innovation has made a huge difference in the quality and performance of the Malibu & Axis lineup and is a primary reason so many people are flocking to Malibu and Axis. 

One of our favorite results from this innovation is the Malibu and Axis Surf Pipe. Created to help surfers and riders focus all their efforts on riding so they don't have to worry about a mouth full of exhaust. 

Not only is the Surf Pipe good for air quality but it noticeably reduces noise. Your friends and family can now sit back and enjoy a conversation while their friends surf. 

Overall it's these small things that Malibu and Axis do to make boating more enjoyable and comfortable. 

They are also easy to install! You simply remove the four bolts from the original exhaust tip then reinstall your new surf pipe with some sealant and included hardware. 

The Surf Pipe will fit any Malibu or Axis Power Wedge II and Axis Floating Wedge. 

For any other questions please reach out to our customer support team and we would love to help you out! 


 - Team Malibuparts.com