Malibu & Axis Clamping Board Racks

Malibu & Axis Clamping Board Racks

An overview of the all new Malibu & Axis clamping board racks.

When you're out boating with friends and family the experience is always better when things are easy. Sounds obvious... but why do some manufactures seem to always go about it the hard way?

One area we've seen a lot of frustration with is wakeboard and surfboard racks. We've heard those horror stories of bungee cords smacking people in the face, boards rattling loose or getting damaged, and even racks falling into the lake!

Thankfully, Malibu and their partner manufacturers are some of the best in the industry and continually improving the wakeboard and surf board rack experience.

One of our favorite innovations are these Malibu and Axis branded PTM clamping board racks. We know you are going to love them. They are easy to use, built to withstand all weather conditions and hold both thick and skinny boards nice and snug.

Built with aerospace anodized aluminum these are built to last. We especially love the ratchet system with the independent clamps that tighten down to the perfect space and shape of your boards.

Starboard Malibu & Axis Board Racks

These racks will fit on the following towers: G3, G4, G5 and GX and all Axis models. If you have any questions please reach out to our team and we will be happy to help with all your questions. 

Port Malibu and Axis Clamping Board Rack

See you on the water!